GH Ready to Ship Magic w- Avant LT Frame Inline Skates

GHMagic-adult 7-light pink-m-avant lt steel frames

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SKU: GHMagic-adult 7-light pink-m-avant lt steel frames Golden Horse

Size GH 6 fits me perfectly. I am a US 7 1/2.

Magic is for basic level, Performance: Single jump, support rate: 58 Mounted with Avant LT frames.

The GH Inline figure frames replicate the rockered profile of ice blades and use narrow wheels to acheive an "on ice" feeling. GH inlines will give you the freedom to perform edges and jumps just like on ice and is suitable for performing single and double jumps. This frame can also be used for triple jumps when paired with a boot rated for jumps of this level. Height adjustable toe stops allow you to better control your jump spikes and pivoting footwork. This frame can use any brand of standard adjustable 5/8" American/US threaded aftermarket toe stop, which gives you the freedom to control rebound and gives you purchase and style options when they need to be replaced.

Adjustable Avant LT Frames.

The toe stop used for Presto is American threaded in inch system, and for Avant LT is European threaded in metric system.