Paramount 440SS Dance Skate Blades

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440SS Dance Paramount Blade

(Comparable to the MK Dance Profile)


  • Available in 440 and 420 Stainless Steel

  • Lighter than any other blade

  • Sizes 8-11.5

  • Stock colors are Polished, Icy Purple, Icy Pink, Icy Blue and Jet Black


Paramount skate blades are made from in the USA from 440C Stainless Steel, the highest quality and most expensive material of any skate blade on the market; giving skaters less fatigue and both higher and longer jumps. 

In addition to resisting rust and other corrosion, this alloy offers superior edge retention. Skaters get 80 hours on the 420SS and 120 hours on the 440SS between sharpenings.

440C is a high wear material that holds an edge up to four times longer than carbon steel blades. A competitive skater will skate for hundreds of miles a month. Ice impurities cause abrasion, and tiny molecules rub off, causing blade edges to become dull. 440C Stainless Steel lasts longer because the molecules are more tightly bonded and do not wear away as easily as on lesser quality metals. The blade's life and durability is increased dramatically. 

Paramount Blades are special order only. Please allow 7-10 days processing with additional time for custom color. 

If you have questions about sizing, please ask before ordering. All blade orders are considered special order and final sale.