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The P-53 Pic®3 wheel dance/freestyle frame set. Like the 894 the set is equipped with rockered satin finished frame, Axel 6.0 wheels and ABEC-5 bearings. The skate is suitable for dance and freestyle and is a great value.

Number of Wheels: 3
Pic Ball: P-9
Bearings: ABEC 5
Wheels: Axel 6.0

Set includes 2 frames, Pics, wheels, bearings, mounting kit and instructions.

Sizes (inches) 7.25, 7.5, 8.25, 8.75, 9.25, 9.75, 10.25

Measure the distance from heel to toe using a cloth tape. Subtract 1/4" and order that or next smaller size.
Example 1: Boot measures 10-1/4" toe to heel (10-1/4" - 1/4" = 10") Order 9.75"
Example 2: Boot measures 9-1/8" toe to heel (9-1/8" - 1/4" = 87/8") Order 8.75"

Pic Frame Installation:
Center the frame from toe to heel. Attach screws to slotted holes first for easy adjustment, then attach remaining screws when properly positioned.

The recommended distance of the pick is 1-1/8" forward of the toe.

The sole of the boot will draw down when attached. The gap between plate and toe is normal. To rotate a worn pick, remove set screws and rotate pick to an unworn surface and reattach set screws.

Parts Check List: for 4 wheels:
Pic frames - 2
T-bushings - 16
Axle bolts - 8
Coupling screws 8
Allen keys - 2
Wheels - 8
Bearings pre-mounted - 16
Spacers pre-mounted - 8
Heel plate screws 3/4 - 8
Toe plate screws 1/2 - 12

The AXEL 6.0™ Model 183, 70mm 83A wheels are elliptical in profile and have urethane cores that will not split when landing jumps. The clear urethane compound provides added rebound and is helpful in executing jumps, spins and footwork.

P-9 Power PICThe new patented P-9 Power PIC P-9 Power PIC provides enhanced spins jumps and footwork. The PIC is also solid rubber and allows for quick stops and reduces sliding when setting up for toe jumps.

555 ABEC-5 Ultra High Performance Bearings. All bearing disks are equipped with fine honed ball bearings.

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