Risport Electra Women's Figure Skate Boots



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One of Risport’s best sellers, Electra offers the stability and comfort required for those who want to refine their figures and double and single jumps without sacrificing the touch of elegance integral to the sport. 

To meet young champions’ needs, it includes: 

– Microfibre upper that ensures extreme lightness

– Leather sole with special angled processing that enables skaters to reach very high lateral inclinations and obtain an unparalleled shock-absorbing effect, proven by years of skating history

– Comfort designed specifically for younger champions, from the special comfort width designed for feet that are not yet fully formed, to the special 3D lining (which also maintains the right foot temperature and prevents bacteria from forming), ease of lacing, the soft collar and the possibility of thermoforming the shoe to adapt perfectly to the foot 

– Support from the lateral reinforcements specially designed for double and single figures and jumps (45)


Women’s: White, available in Comfort widths and sizes 180–270

Men’s: Black, available in Comfort widths and sizes 220–240


Inventory rotates. If you need something quickly, contact the store for stock information. All skates are subject to production time.