EDEA Show Girl Skating Boots


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We are very excited about the EDEA ShowGirl Boots providing Show Skaters and High-Level Dance Skaters with a very beautiful tan boot with incredible comfort; a low cut back for those wonderful toe points; the ability to custom “Shape” the skates; the quick-drying lining; the NEW 4 Hook Lacing System; the tongue system with a toe lift; and the NEW EDEA E-Shells. The EDEA ShowGirl will be the new standard for Show Skaters and High-Level Dance Skaters or skaters who just want a beautiful tan boot.

The EDEA ShowGirl Boots have been a collaboration between Skates U.S. and EDEA in designing a beautiful tan boot especially for the high performance demands of professional Show Skating and competitive Dance Skating.

Tough Construction 90 Extra Strong

230-270 “B” and “C” widths, 275 and 280 “C” width only

Colors:  Tan (only)

Type of Skating: Ice Show Skating and Dance, and Inline Roller Skating
Training Level: Double, Triple Jumps, along with Pattern and Free Dance
(Even a good option for lower level Skaters, in EDEA you cannot “OverBoot” a Skater)
Training Hours: 20 to 25 Plus Hours per week
Comfort Level: Ultra Comfortable Skate with a great Point.

Remember ALL EDEA Skates are Dual-Last, meaning that the Ball of the foot is one size larger than the heel, and in all skating, the fit should be based on the heel, as the width of the ball of the foot can be “Shaped” to fit by an authorized and trained Dealer or Skates U.S.

Inventory rotates. If you need something quickly, contact the store for stock information. All skates are subject to production time.