Jackson Synergy Pro 6075 PBX Figure Skating Boots



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SKU: DJ6075F Jackson Ultima

  • Asymmetrical interior ankle pads wrap anatomically around the foot for customized fit and comfort
  • Ankle punch outs that are molded into the design
  • Unique 2-piece molded side-panels are cut resistant and fully heat moldable. Combined with the Jackson Wrap this provides unparalleled lateral support
  • Super lightweight 3D injection/ lasted quarters with lateral stability and flexibility
  • Textured new-age carbon fiber look
  • Supreme tongue prevents slipping & twisting of laces, eliminating lace bite
  • Dura-guard over the toes lining provides cut resistance; non-abrasive lightweight antibacterial fabric lining
  • Soft collar provides superior leg extensions without aggravating the tendons
  • Swarovski inlaid crystals; stylish and elegant
  • Our innovative PBX Sole provides flexibility and rigidity that, combined with ABS insoles, provides unmatched weight and strength; our 3 piece design allows the use of ABS heels for strength and security of screws while featuring a sleek, low-profile look
  • Also available with Fusion or LCF Soles upon request at no additional charge

Support Rating: Strong 75


 Also available with LCF or PBX Soles by special order

Fusion: Lightweight Refined: Constructed from lightweight nylon composite. Torque resistant and waterproof. Rubber inlay provides non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption. 

LCF: Leather Carbon Fibre: Lightweight support that comes from carbon fibre. Reduced torque and moisture resistant

PXB: Pinnacle of Lightweight: Flexibility and rigidity that, combined with Pebax outsole & ABS insole, provides unmatched weight and strength. The 3 piece design allows the use of ABS heels for strength and security of screws. Sleek low-profile look. 


3 Support Levels Available (see separate listings for 60 and 85):

Jackson Support Rating: Firm Support - Level 60
Axel / Beginner Double Jumps

Jackson Support Rating: Strong Support - Level 75
Double Jumps

Jackson Support Rating: Premium Support - Level 85
Triple/Quad Jumps

Women's 4 - 9, Full & half R (A/B), W (C/D)

Inventory rotates. If you need something quickly, contact the store for stock information. All skates are subject to production time.