Mondor Closeout Footless Evolution Skating Tights - Black

3339 youth 6-8

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SKU: 3339 youth 6-8 Mondor

*** Closeout color

Opaque, Ultra matte, 70 denier. Footless skating tights with comfort knitted waistband with Lycra Soft, Dye to match gusset

Evolution tights are made of 3D lycra which is knit with soft yard, a unique blend that provides the soft touch, the comfort and the performance of microfiber yarns along with quality, durability and practicality. Outstanding overall comfort, excellent moisture absorption capacity so it's quick drying, ultra matte finish. Fabric: 92% microfiber nylon, 8% Lycra® elastane

Fabric: 92% microfiber nylon, 8% Lycra elastane 

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