Riedell Bronze Star Men's Figure Skating Boots

435 black


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SKU: 435 black Riedell Skates

Lighter than ever before, the Riedell 435 Bronze Star ice skating boot is designed with firm support and enhanced fit for superb comfort. The Bronze Star is enhanced with double reinforced TriFusion support for durability along with all leather soles and mid-soles for solid foot foundation. Suede microfiber linings provide a beautiful look and an awesome feel.

Open throat design, Flex notch, Anti-rotational lace bar, Hand-rolled collar, Higher toe box design, Quilted tongue pad stitching.

Skate Skill Level: Single and double jumps
Support Level: Boot: 80 Support Rating - Firm
Tongue: 4.0 Tongue Rating

Women: 4-10, AAA, AA, A, B, C, D
Girls: 13-3.5, AA, B, D
Men: 4-13, N, M, W
Boys: 13-3.5, AA, B, D

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