Riedell Ready to Ship Silver Star Women's Figure Skating Boots

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SKU: 875-womens 8 Riedell Skates

Double reinforced Trifusion provides just the right ankle support. Perforated microfiber lining for smooth comfort and breathability. Leather soles with cork heels offer lightweight durability. Comfortable forefoot padding and quilted tongue offers improved comfort.

Open throat design, Flex notch, Anti-rotational lace bar, Lightweight cork, Forefoot flex, Hand-rolled collar, Higher toe box design, Quilted tongue pad stitching

Skate Skill Level: Double and triple jumps
Support Rating: 85-100 (Extra Firm)
Tongue Rating: 4.0-5.0 (Extra Firm)

Women: 4-10, AAA, AA, A, B, C, D
Girls: 13-3.5, AA, B, D
Men: 4-13, N, M, W
Boys: 13-3.5, AA, B, D