EDEA Discovery Package Women's Figure Skates


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The Ice Discovery Package pairs Edea’s Wave boot Or Edea’s Motivo boot with an Edea Charme or John Wilson Galaxy Blade (blades are based on availability), and includes a temporary mount. The Ice Discovery Package is everything that is needed for the serious beginner or adult to start skating.

Motivo boot designed with adults or the serious beginner in mind. Inspired by our passion for skating the Motivo benefits from the technology and know-how from our top of the range boots. 

Wave boots start a fashion rage with illusion and grace. Pay close attention to the 3D texture and evolved lacing system. This boot is not like any other! 
The Wave is a ready-to-skate boot designed with adults or the serious beginner in mind.

All Edea skates are designed around the foot with curves and strength to hold the heel in place, to support the foot and give the best fit and maximum comfort.
Our high-tech soles are made with ultra modern material making them both light and waterproof. Just what skaters need.


Charm Blades: Rocker Radius: 8′ Radius, Made from high quality Carbon Steel. Charme is a technical blade designed with 3 segments radii to make skating quicker, increase power transfer and maximize agility for skaters starting to compete. Professional straight-cut toe picks to increase grip. Sole plates specifically designed to match each boot, increasing comfort and power transfer by matching pressure point of the feet. Brilliant mirror finish adds sparkle to your boot.

MK Galaxy: features an unmatched chrome finish and cross-cut teeth.  Galaxy provides optimum bite for those learning their toe jumps. It has been expertly designed to accommodate all basic skills required of the beginner freestyle and synchronized skater. Parallel Blade: A classic blade with a consistent skating edge for crisp movement across the ice, Cross cut for a superior grip on the ice, 8' Rocker


Stiffness rating: Soft-Mid Stiff Construction 40 (Wave) or 45 (Motivo)
Ladies Sizes (Ivory): 185 through 280 in 5mm increments

Type of Skating: Beginning Amateur Level for Serious Beginners and Adult Skaters who prefer a stiffer construction Skate


Inventory rotates. If you need something quickly, contact the store for stock information. All skates are subject to production time.

I recommend that all skates be sharpened before use. The factory edge is not appropriate for skating. Sharpening can add 1-3 days to processing time.