EDEA Skate Laces

EL-110 inches-black


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EDEA Skating Laces are some of the very finest laces available. They are similar to a parachute cord, but without the filler. The Laces are a combination of Nylon, Polyester, and Cotton to help keep Skates Tight and are VERY Strong.

To Fit Boot Sizes 185-210 Laces 200 cm Laces in Inches 79″
To Fit Boot Sizes 215-230 Laces 220 cm Laces in Inches 86″
To Fit Boot Sizes 235-250 Laces 240 cm Laces in Inches 94″
To Fit Boot Sizes 255-280 Laces 260 cm Laces in Inches 102″
To Fit Boot Sizes 285-300 Laces 280 cm Laces in Inches 110″
To Fit Boot Sizes 305-310 Laces 300 cm Laces in Inches 118″