GRAF Ace Figure Skates



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If you are a young skater that practices weekly or more and are starting single jumps, this skate is just right for you.

* Start"Light” skate for young skaters
* Designed especially for children's feet
* CP93 Synthetic Leather Upper Material
* GRAF Ultra Light UL Soles
* GRAF A4 Nickel-plated blades
* Heat Moldable

The new GRAF UltraLight-outsole is the result of years of experience in production of skates and close cooperation with figure skating experts and athletes. It offers all the advantages of a classic GRAF outsole with 26% loss of weight. The most important improvement is the SRPP surface, which is also used on hockey skates. It is extremely lightweight, robust and offers a flat contact surface for easy blade mounting. Our tapered edge profile allows even more curve inclination without touching the ice.

The UltraLight-outsole will be used as a standard on all TOPLEVEL models and Richmond Special and can be ordered with GRAF custom orders.

26% Lighter than classic outsole
Leather midsole with tapered edge profile
standard “graf” light red beechwood heel with genuine leather cover
adaptable shock-absorbing
4 mm rubber heel lift

All Graf skates are special order. Final Sale.