Pic Skate 994 Professional Frame Set

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The 994 Pic® 4 wheel freestyle set is designed to stand up to the most severe skating; jumps, spins, intricate footwork. The highly finished rockered frame just keeps on going. The specially designed "Geneva" wheels housing ultra smooth ABEC 7 bearings, and P-11 Ball Pic make this the ultimate freestyle frame.

Number of Wheels: 4
Pic Ball: P-11
Bearings: ABEC 7
Wheels: Geneva

Set includes 2 frames, Ball Pics, "Geneva" wheels, bearings, mounting kit and instructions.

Sizes (inches) 9.25, 9.75, 10.25, 10.75, 11.37, 12.12

Measure the distance from heel to toe using a cloth tape. Subtract 1/4" and order that or next smaller size.
Example 1: Boot measures 10-1/4" toe to heel (10-1/4" - 1/4" = 10") Order 9.75"
Example 2: Boot measures 9-1/8" toe to heel (9-1/8" - 1/4" = 87/8") Order 8.75"

Pic Frame Installation:
Center the frame from toe to heel. Attach screws to slotted holes first for easy adjustment, then attach remaining screws when properly positioned.

The recommended distance of the pick is 1-1/8" forward of the toe.

The sole of the boot will draw down when attached. The gap between plate and toe is normal. To rotate a worn pick, remove set screws and rotate pick to an unworn surface and reattach set screws.

Parts Check List: for 4 wheels:
Pic frames - 2
T-bushings - 16
Axle bolts - 8
Coupling screws 8
Allen keys - 2
Wheels - 8
Bearings pre-mounted - 16
Spacers pre-mounted - 8
Heel plate screws 3/4 - 8
Toe plate screws 1/2 - 12

The 68mm "GENEVA" wheel was the result of extensive testing. The special single pour compound provides for enhanced edges, spins, and jumps.

Harmony® Sports has patented the P-11 Ball Pic - an absolute game changer! The Ball Pic features a unique design coupled with a special rubber formula called R7. The R7 formula provides very high rebound, superior grip, and extended wear. The ball shape allows for extremely deep edges. Additionally, when one side is worn, simply reverse the Pic to the unused side. The Ball Pic will fit all Pic skates. Triple jumps are now possible!

The ABEC 7 has chrome plated steel bearings housed in a flexibal nylon cage. The bearings are lighter and quicker.

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