Riedell Aria Women's Figure Skating Boots



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SKU: 3030 Riedell Skates

Support Rating: 100
Skating Level: Triple and Quad jumps; Advanced Synchro

Aria is a sleek, strong, and lightweight boot, with the advantages of leather materials that mold to the skater’s foot providing an exceptionally perfect fit.

Designed for top competitors, the Riedell Aria is for high-level skaters looking for ultimate performance, and the best possible ergonomics and fit.

Inside the Aria, quadruple-layer reinforcements provide our firmest support and are heat-moldable for the perfect fit. The extra firm support is balanced with the comfort of a luxuriously smooth antimicrobial leather lining that wicks moisture. Aria's taller toe box and internal forefoot relief increase foot comfort on landings.

Our innovative leather/cork heel and water-resistant ultra-thin outsole provide weight reduction, optimal support, and impact absorption. Aria's one-of-a-kind internal midsole technology further reduces weight and keeps you closer to the ice for added control.

The winning balance of long-lasting comfort and support in the Aria skating boot – is a choice for most demanding skaters such as 2-time World Champion Stephane Lambiel and World Medalist Vincent Zhou.

3030 Aria Features:
  • Leather uppers for advanced moldability and fit
  • Lightweight cork/leather heel
  • Lightweight internal midsole
  • Lightweight, water-resistant, ultra-thin outsole
  • Four-layer heat moldable reinforcements
  • EVA memory foam ankle padding for bone area comfort
  • Antimicrobial moisture-wicking leather lining
  • Anti-rotational lace bar for holding the tongue in place
  • Flex notch for better knee bend
  • Hand-rolled collar
  • Available in White and Black

NOTE: Blade not included.

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