Riedell Stride Men's Figure Skates w/ Capri Blades



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SKU: 223 Riedell Skates

Take to the ice with ease with the all new 223 Stride. Designed with medium ankle support for all day comfort. Double reinforced leather uppers, leather soles and leather tongue reinforcement. Dri-Lex® lining and traditional hand-rolled collar provides great fit and easy care. The all new argon welded stainless steel blade offers beauty and strength.

Capri Blades: Stainless Steel, straight cut toe pick, parallel,  Radius: 7', R.O.H.:5/8"

Ladies: 4-10 Full/Half; Med, Wide
Men's: 4-5½ Full/Half; Med, Wide
Girls: 10-3½ Full/Half; Med, Wide
Boys: 10-3½ Full/Half; Med, Wide

Skate Skill Level: Single jumps, instructional
Boot Support Level: 50 – Medium Tongue Rating: 3.5

I recommend that all skates be sharpened before use. The factory edge is not appropriate for skating. Sharpening can add 1-3 days to processing time. 

Inventory rotates. If you need something quickly, contact the store for stock information. All skates are subject to production time.