Riedell Vega Figure Skating Boots

Vega-adult 8.5-black-medium


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SKU: Vega-adult 8.5-black-medium Riedell Skates

Evofit Last - broader toe shape for added comfort. It allows the toes to lay flat

Hydro-Shield Outsole - Thermoplastic urethane provides strong foot support. Will not absorb moisture. Lightweight and rigid support. EVA cushion midsole provides great impact absorption. Highly consistent for blade tracking.

Lightweight Uppers - military grade pebble grain microfiber material. Abrasion and cut resistant. Strong tensile strength

New Tongue Design - strategically placed reinforcements reduce or eliminate lace bite. Tongue keep and lace loops keep tongue in position. 3/16" sponge rubber padding

Shortened Outsole Design - allows for consistent blade sizing. Provides greater maneuverability on blades.

Dual Density Ankle Padding - 3/8" thick provides smooth comfort. EVA custom forms to the ankle. Urethane material provides great cushioning

Newly Designed Padded Footbed - Patent pending polyurethane formula. 30% lighter weight thank other polyurethane materials.

Pre-formed Fit - ergonomically shaped boot promotes proper range of motion, support and comfort. Contoured to the shape of the foot right out of the box. No heat molding required.

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