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Stink-eez are a shoe and boot deodorizer that also remove moisture from the interior of athletic footwear. Our Dolphin Pals are a great size for medium and larger sized shoes, boots and skates.

Stink-eez are the perfect sports accessory. Great for skating boots, hockey skates, soccer cleats, running shoes, tennis shoes, la cross cleats, football cleats, baseball cleats, basketball shoes, ballet pointe shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, and any sport under the sun! They're the perfect accessory for everyday shoes, cowboy boots, construction boots, teacher and nurse shoes, loafers, sandals, and slippers. Insert the easy-slide Stink-eez into the toe of your empty shoes or boots. Stink-eez wicks away moisture and odor from the inside of footwear.

Stink-eez will continue to work for at least a year. For best results leave in overnight and when not in use. Rejuvenate Stink-eez powerful desiccant by placing in a pillowcase and putting in a medium heat dryer for 5-10 minutes. Assorted fabrics.