Wilson Pattern 99 Skate Blades

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SKU: SKU-527-Parabolic-Straight Cut-Silver John Wilson Blades

One of the most popular profiles in the world as it consistently delivers maximum performance to high-end freestyle skaters. The primary 8 ft radius works wonderfully for skaters who use the Pattern 99’s tapered top toe pick for precision toe spotting on explosive jumps. This skate blade is ‘the real McCoy’ - it’s not comparable to anything, it’s not similar to anything, it’s the original. If you’re emerging as an elite level skater with powerful jumps and seek more control by being lower to the ice, this blade is undoubtedly your best option in our range. Also available in Parabolic technology.

Rocker: 8'
R. O.H.: 7/16"
Size Range: 7 1/2" - 12"
Blade Style: Parallel

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